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Love and Attraction

Do you believe in magic? A spell here an spell there, we've all wanted to have the power to influence the world in supernatural ways. Many practitioners of Wicca, witchcraft and other occult arts believe that spells can harness unseen forces to fulfill wishes.

Whether for love, success, spiritual growth or revenge, spells combine symbolism, special materials, verbal incantations, the positioning of heavenly bodies, concentration and faith into rituals to turn your will into reality. Below you will find Love and Attraction herbs, amulets, candles, spells, and spell kits that can be used for all your spell work for all your magical needs.
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Sidellu Gwynder Charm to Invoke Attraction (1 Jan - 22 Jan)

Sidellu Gwynder Char ...

Sidellu Gwynder, represented by a mythical goat-stag and lin ...

Wish Kit for Love & Attraction

Wish Kit for Love & ...

Wish Kit for Love & Attraction use this wish kit to build up ...

Yohimbe Bark Cut (1)oz "Love Lust"

Yohimbe Bark Cut (1) ...

Yohimbe Bark Cut, yohimbe is used in love and lust spells an ...


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