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About Ancient Wisdoms

Ancient Wisdoms is a gateway to magic. It is a realm created by practical idealists to exemplify our philosophies, and provide the reality check that improves and refines them.

It is our philosophy that the living should be done in a threefold balance of Action, Awareness and Relationship. We begin with awareness of our purpose for being upon earth, and proceed to act upon it in relation to the other beings and purposes encountered. Awareness of that relation to other beings and larger purposes renews the cycle of action. We act to enhance the harmony of our relationships with the many brings of the living Earth, and to pursues the purpose of spiritual growth.

The business was created to be a discipline and point of focus for all magical and spiritual growth. "Magic" involves not only shifting of consciousness (or awareness) at will, but also involves that poetic dance of harmonizing our energies and purpose with others. We live and work in a setting of creative magic among people, and in a place, whose mindset and actions enhance awareness of the spiritual life present in the painted scenery of material life.

We started our business over (9) years ago and our Company is ever evolving, as we ourselves are. In the years to come, Ancient Wisdoms will develop new products to enhance the magic in ones life. We will pursue the relationships and actions for expressing the liveliness and honor or the Old Ways. We treat our livelihood as spiritual work in everything we do.

Each month we strive to bring new products and features to our store to make everyones shopping experience a pleasurable & enjoyable one! We also strive to offer you Great Products at Great Prices along with quality Customer Service as you are what makes us what we are today. If you should have any questions, concerns and or if you should have any suggestions on how to improve our site please let us know through our Contact Us page as you and your input is very important to us!!!

You can also contact us through our Mailing Address:
Ancient Wisdoms
23125 Greater Mack #303
St.Clair Shores, MI 48080

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